Friday, August 26, 2016

Bubba the Love Sponge Fallout -- Don't Be That Lawyer.

Kids, there's a cautionary tale in here somewhere, but if you don't know that already you have no business practicing law let alone reading this crappy blog.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

3d DCA Watch -- Two Can Be As Bad As One.

Yes kids after much anticipation the bunker has readied its shiny new #writtenutterances (see, we can keep up with the youngsters!) but alas there are only two.

Two, which we all know can be as bad as one.

Indeed, at least wagster wryly noted that "it's the loneliest number since the number one."

Abukasis v. MTM Finest:

Judge Shepherd in da' house, invoking the "magic words" for your entertainment and legally binding pleasure!

Perez v. FNMA:

A concession of error!

And it's not even a "confession" of error or anything.

In fact, it's a "commendable and appropriate" one at that!

See you next bunker!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Roy Black Has a "Wild Reputation"????

Hmm.  Ahh hum.

Let me try that again:

Roy Black (allegedly) has a "wild reputation"!!


Don't see it.

In fact, it's just bizarre.

Sure he represented Rush, but that's more degenerate than wild.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Joe Carollo Lives Again!

He's not going to let some pesky job termination slow him down:
We therefore conclude that Carollo has pled a plausible First Amendment claim under Iqbal and Twombly that he spoke as a citizen and not pursuant to his ordinary job duties as City Manager when he made reports to law enforcement and other agencies about Boria and Ruiz’s violations of Florida’s campaign finance laws.
Gotta love Miami!

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Yes, There Is Such a Thing as "Anti-Slip-Resistant" Technology!

And, like Spence, I've always believed corporate evil-doers apply said "anti-slip-resistant" coatings to door handles, floors, and even ottomans and envelope openers, all for their cruel amusement.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Donald Trump (Black Version)

Prince may have left us this year, but not with out chiming in on the 2016 election in a song that drips with both irony and harmony.

And why is the Donald so popular with "the blacks?"
So now Donald Trump is campaigning for the black vote. (Long, awkward pause.)
Like so much of what Trump has said and done, this new outreach forces writers like me to conduct scatological studies, framing Trump’s actions in their historical and intellectual absurdity.
But, here we go.
Trump, who got a shocking 1 percent of support among black voters in a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, has been urged to reach out to black voters.
A day after The New York Times published an article pointing out that “the Republican nominee has not held a single event aimed at black voters in their communities, shunning the traditional stops at African-American churches, historically black colleges and barber shops and salons that have long been staples of the presidential campaign trail,” Trump ventured to a suburban town outside Milwaukee that is 95 percent white and 1 percent black to tell the black population of America — a population that has been consumed in recent years by a discussion of police misconduct and extrajudicial killings — that “the problem in our poorest communities is not that there are too many police, the problem is that there are not enough police.”
The speech was tone deaf, facile and nonsensical, much like the man who delivered it.
I'll tell you which African Americans are supporting Donald Trump, it's the blind ones who punched the wrong chad.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

More Subterfuge from our Robot Overlords

First they come for your jobs, now they seek to surpass your humanity.
The young British coder whose simple "robot lawyer" chatbot has overturned more than 170,000 unlawful parking tickets in the UK and America has set his sights on solving homelessness by providing people with basic legal advice.

An update to his DoNotPay bot works by asking users a simple set of questions about their circumstances, before advising them on the best course of action—often helping them draft an effective form letter to apply to their local councils for emergency housing. Councils have to take every letter seriously, and using Freedom of Information requests, he's researched the best ways to prompt them into acting on his bot's clients' behalf.

The bot's creator, Joshua Browder, a 19-year-old Brit studying at Stanford University in California, told Ars that since the update launched last Wednesday "almost every local government in the UK has signed up for the website."

"I can see on the back end that they are actively trying out the service for themselves," he added. He's also working with Centrepoint, one of the UK's largest and most recognisable homelessness charities, with volunteer lawyers helping out to finesse the legal advice his bot provides.

DoNotPay was originally a chatbot which simply advised people on the best ways to legally get out of parking tickets issued by local authorities in London and New York. He says the service has a success rate of about 64 percent, appealing more than £3 million of fines. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Idiot Wind

Yesterday it was the sun, today it's a lot of noxious gas.
For someone who likes polls, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump seems to be ignoring recent polling that shows 81 percent of self-described conservatives favor expanding wind power. Wind energy — which is homegrown and diversifies our electric grid — is a winning issue that is popular with most Americans, yet Trump keeps demagoguing the issue and ignoring the facts. With this or any issue, it is impossible to be a genuine conservative and ignore facts. At a recent campaign rally in Pennsylvania he said, “The wind kills all your birds. All your birds, killed. You know, the environmentalists never talk about that.” Trump has taken hyperbole to a whole different stratosphere. His claim is ridiculous and deserves some honest perspective. Almost 600 million birds are killed every year in the U.S. because they fly into tall buildings and windows. What is that saying about people in glass houses? While wind energy does have an impact on bird populations, causing between 130,000 and 500,000 bird deaths a year, it represents less than 0.01 percent of all human-related bird deaths, and a fraction of those caused by the skyscrapers that Trump himself likes to build. Domestic cats kill more than two billion birds a year, and other major sources of bird mortality include power lines, cell phone towers and cars. That’s according to data from the National Audubon Society.
So much hot air... 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Let the Sunshine In!

There are 2 solar power amendments in our upcoming elections. One is good, the other one is BS. We need to know the difference.

First the good! Amendment 4 will be on the ballot in our primary (August) election.
This vote on solar energy should be an easy one. Amendment 4 on your primary election ballot would exempt from property taxes the value of renewal-energy equipment such as solar panels installed by homeowners and businesses. We recommend you vote "yes."
If the owners of a $200,000 house installed $20,000 worth of solar panels and other equipment, they would not be reassessed and have to pay taxes on a $220,000 property. If the owner of a $1 million commercial building installed $100,000 worth of solar panels and fuel cells, the owner would not have to pay taxes on $1.2 million or raise the rent -- as is the case in Florida now..
Homeowners already get a similar break, which has helped many Floridians and hurt none. The amendment would extend the tax exemptions to business and ensure the breaks for everyone for 20 years, starting in 2018.
It's a straightforward  concept, put on the ballot by the Florida Legislature.
Amendment 4 has been studied and endorsed by organizations of all kinds: the Florida Chamber of Commerce, Nature Conservancy, Christian Coalition, AFL-CIO, Florida Realtors, Progress Florida, Conservatives for Energy Freedom, the Sierra Club and the League of Women Voters. How often does that happen?
And now the big sucks. Amendment 1 will be on the ballot in our general (November) election.
So much for Florida’s rooftop solar movement.
In November, when Floridians see “Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice” on the ballot, they’ll probably assume they’re voting on that solar power amendment that’s been in the news for the past year.
You know, the one that promises to free up consumers to lease solar panels with limited upfront costs. The one that would allow shopping centers to install rooftop solar panels and sell the electricity to tenants in the complex. The one that: “Limits or prevents government and electric utility imposed barriers to supplying local solar electricity.” The one associated with the “Floridians for Solar Choice,” a coalition of environmental groups, libertarians and solar industry entrepreneurs.
Undoubtedly, a substantial hunk of the voters will assume just that. And they’ll be wrong. Floridians for Solar Choice failed to gather the necessary number of verified signatures by the Feb. 1 deadline to get its amendment on the 2016 ballot.
But last week, the Florida Supreme Court — by a one vote margin — approved a cleverly worded amendment proposal that also sounds pro-solar. After all, it would guarantee consumers “the right to own or lease solar equipment installed on their property to generate electricity for their own use.”
Of course, that’s a right Floridians already enjoy. But the amendment would also insure “that consumers who do not choose to install solar are not required to subsidize the costs of backup power and electric grid access to those who do.”
That judgment would be left to the utility monopolies and their minions on the Public Service Commission, none of whom can abide the notion of independent electricity producers cutting into utility profits. That phrase, which reads almost like an afterthought, would provide utilities and the PSC the means to undo the business plan that has propelled rooftop solar in less regressive states.
So let's make this easy: Yes on 4 in August. No on 1 in November. And let the sunshine in!

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