Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Return of Scott Rothstein!

His head fully cleared, Scott just touched down from parts unknown and is being whisked to his law firm, which is back to business as usual, if your law firm is routinely surrounded by SWAT teams in bulletproof vests.

BTW, Bob Norman's reporting on Scott from the get-go has been exceptional.

I love the detail ("he flew in on a G-5").

Boy I hope he takes a white Ford Bronco to his office, as some readers have suggested.

Such excitement!


Anonymous said...

where is scott's kato?

Anonymous said...

Marc is meeting him at the office.

fake BB said...

everyone knew about Scottie...after the fact


Anonymous said...

If they were separate investment accounts why is the firm suddenly broke?

Anonymous said...

Shit must be coming apart for Scott, I just spotted his MB on ebay...