Thursday, December 3, 2009

Announcing Rosenfeldt & Birken!

So I see from this Notice of Appearance that Stuart Rosenfeldt and Shawn L. Birken have formed a new form:
1220 Riverland Road
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33312
Direct Dial: 954-990-4459
Fax: 954-990-4469
Congrats gentlemen!

Who else came with you? Details please.


Anonymous said...

Just say it SFL. You are asking about Brianne.

Anonymous said...

No conflict in Broweird.

Anonymous said...

Once a horndog, always a horndog.

Have you seen the defense bar attacking each other on Rumpole's blog? Pass the popcorn, take a seat and enjoy!

tick tock said...

Two doesn't travel fast in the halls of justice.

Shoot The Lawyers said...

You need to make a correction. Birken did recuse himself. Bob Norman had this misinformation posted on his blog yesterday and corrected it today. He relied on the clerk's website which is fine if you want to know what happened on a case six months ago. In the old days, circa 1999, someone would have called Birken's chambers and found the truth right away. I don't fault Norman but people need to stop relying on their keyboards for 100% of their research.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Thanks STL.


Zippy Zygote said...

@Shoot The Lawyers

What's really annoying is that Howard Foreman has the nerve to charge $5 a pop to view such outdated info in full.

Anonymous said...

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