Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Who Is This Mystery Woman?

Photographed unloading things from the Princess Kimberly yacht.

In other Rothstein news, you can read about Scott's new digs here.

Oh yeah -- I went back in the Wayback machine to RRA's old website -- for research of course.

It's a fun timekiller.

Wish me luck in court, kidzzzzzzz!


fake presiding judge said...


Anonymous said...

The witches chin is a dead giveaway.

Anonymous said...

9:55 am - you nailed it, or her.

she just doesn't have that stupid cocked head (no pun intended) look and is not caked with makeup

Anonymous said...

Word from the can is that Scottie's crying like teabow 24/7. actually its worse than that, if they could baker act a prisoner they would. memo to self: kick narcotic addictions well in advance of entry date, lest you like a padded cell.

GB said...

It's like we were separated at birth!

Or drink the same booze, at least.

Anonymous said...

He better get used to it. He's going to be there 30 to life.

Prison never sleeps mutha f#*xer!!!!!

Buh bye

And da kimster, back tending bar!

Its was a great 13 months

Definitely worth the next 40 years in the fed pen.


Nurik's Big Choppers said...

Scott, call someone, the toilet is leaking!

Anonymous said...

You are a sicko SFL.

Anonymous said...

kprshbqc, xrumer forums , ewauXXB.