Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Judicial Reception!! (Yawn)

Well I don't know about you, but I'm getting ready for tonight's big Judicial Reception, which means I have prepared the following to do list:

1. Immediately down two large dry Gin Gibsons;

2. Track down and punch Brett Barfield.

3. Find the one judge willing to speak to me (Sam Slom?) and unleash new self-aggrandizing anecdote that reveals my wit, trial skills, wealth, humor, A-type dominance and general good taste.

4. Listen to similar self-aggrandizing anecdotes and think to myself how it's all total bullcrap.

5. Count other people's money.

6. Pretend to remember that guy's name.

7. Kiss Melanie Damian (professionally, of course!).

8. Sneak into photo op of Judge Moreno and Bob Josefsberg.

9. Kiss Melanie Damian (did I already write that?).


Anonymous said...

While you're in a punching mood, punch the first idiot you see wearing a GREAT BIG NAME TAG announcing he or she is running for judge. Avoid receptions until election season is over. Oy vey

Anonymous said...

You are fu*&%#g hilarious.




Anonymous said...

Didn't you already find one judge to speak to you today....

Anonymous said...

A classic.

South Florida Lawyers said...

I did 7:20 and he was exceedingly fair, honest, sincere, and an all-around good guy.

I actually had a blast tonight.

Anonymous said...

No, no , no

not so fast

earlier in your day

not he


and she is exceedingly fair, honest and sincere

and easy on the eyes as well

Anonymous said...

Must have been a visiting judge from another district.

Anonymous said...

that is funny

Shoot The Lawyers said...

The judicial reception or the type of social event that ends up on the inside pages of the DBR is ripe for a biting satirical putdown. Wouldn't you just love to videotape one of these functions and then place a cloud over each person's head that contained what the person was actually thinking as opposed to saying?

Anonymous said...

Who writes this blog?

The Straw Buyer said...


Anonymous said...

Yesterday - did anybody else run into Stuart Rosenfeldt in the Gray Lady on 73 West Flagler? Looks like despite it all he still has some clients and is practicing law.

Anonymous said...

Why do you hate Barfield?

South Florida Lawyers said...

9:40 -- hate?

I love the guy, he doesn't have a bad bone in his body (a few bruised ones from last night, maybe).

Anonymous said...

Was any tongue involved?

South Florida Lawyers said...

You mean with Barfield?