Monday, February 8, 2010

Do You Care About "The Google"?

So it was fun last night yada yada yada but "Who Dat" officially jumped the shark for me at the 4000th onscreen shoutout, somewhere around 8:30 am yesterday.

Kids, if Boomer is yelling a "hip" catchphrase it either was never hip or stopped being hip a very long time ago.

Speaking of a long time ago, I enjoyed the history of the AFL they broadcast on Saturday, with Broadway Joe at the Miami Touchdown Club and that classic Hank Stram sideline commentary ("Just keep matriculatin' the ball down the field, boys.").

Old Hank was an awesome radio announcer too, btw, if you were stuck listening to latenight football under the covers on your little blue am radio after your folks told you to go to bed.

Or have I shared too much?

Foley & Lardner's Mark Neuberger thinks you should care about your online presence:
Some job candidates announce their desire for a new job on their LinkedIn or other networking site. But remember your boss might be looking at that site, too.

"You need to think about what your purpose is on there," says Mark Neuberger, a lawyer with Foley & Lardner in Miami.

"You can manage your persona and reputation online," he says. Neuberger is on LinkedIn, for example, but is careful not to reveal his clients through connections on the site.
Good advice.

Let's see what Mark actually does reveal about himself on his LinkedIn profile:
Management side labor and employment attorney handing all aspects of traditional labor relations as well as federal, state court and administrative agency litigation relating to anti-discrimination statutes and all other employment laws; advice and counsel on all aspects of human resource management; negotiation and preparation of executive employment agreements as well as separation agreements; conduct internal investigations; representation of management in collective bargaining, labor arbitration and matters before the NLRB; conduct in-house training on sexual harassment and diversity in the workplace.
Wow, impressive and all, but that reads to me like a really really long timesheet entry.

They don't allow block billing anymore!!

I'm gonna have to scrub all that stuff on mine about Gin Gibsons, windsurfing, Bo Derek, oh hail I better just scrub the whole danged thing.


  1. Uh, who doesn't allow block billing?

  2. trend is negatory

  3. Better question: who still fills out "timesheets"?

  4. interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  5. Good advice from Mr. Neuberger. Makes sense. I wish some of my firm's associates would take heed.