Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kim Rothstein To Seek "Pre-Ponzi" Assets

So says Brittany Wallman here.

Plus Kim spills the beans of her life story to Stormin' Norman here.

Kim's attorney Scott Saidel explains the "pre-Ponzi assets" game plan:
Kim Rothstein, wife of Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein, will seek half of whatever assets they owned before the illegal investment scam began, her lawyer Scott Saidel said. Though they wed well into the Rothstein Ponzi, Saidel said he "gifted'' some assets to her that he'd acquired before that.

"She does have a claim to anything pre-Ponzi,'' he said last week.

A certain smart Guest Blogger suggests this is really dumb, as it will inject Kimmie into the forfeiture and criminal proceedings, where she will be fighting to establish when exactly the Ponzi scheme began and that the "gifts" were not purchased with dirty money.

Does anyone think this is a good idea?

Oh boy I'm getting flashbacks again......


Anonymous said...

John B. Thompson, J.D.
5721 Riviera Drive
Coral Gables, Florida 33146

February 2, 2010

Ken Marvin
Director of Lawyer Regulation
The Florida Bar
651 E. Jefferson St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Re: Formal Florida Bar Complaint against Ellyn Setnor Bogdanoff, FL Bar #653731

Dear Mr. Marvin:

This is a formal sworn Florida Bar complaint against the above lawyer, who happens to be the sister-in-law of Florida Bar President Jesse Diner. In that regard, please read the below news article:
UPDATED: Florida Bar Prez' Sister-in-Law Got Big Bucks From Rothstein
By Bob Norman

Mr. Diner, as you know, has been running around the state telling anyone who will listen—if not believe him—that The Florida Bar will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of the corruption that Scott Rothstein was sewing.

Fine, this Bar complaint I am filing arises out of what must be the presumption by any rational individual that Scott Rothstein was giving money to politicians for a purpose—for the purpose of improperly influencing governmental decisions. The Bar, by virtue of the fact that Ms. Bogdanoff is a lawyer, must be investigated to determine if there was every any quid pro quo transaction between her and her financial benefactors at the Rothstein firm.

I look forward to a full investigation by The Florida Bar. I demand it, and in doing so I remind you that The Bar is violating the law by refusing to inform me if it has any ethics complaints against Rothstein that were dismissed before the Ponzi scandal broke.


Signed, John B. Thompson, February 2, 2010

Copies: Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel editorial board, with whom Mr. Diner meets today
AG Bill McCollum
Statewide Prosecutor William Shepherd
Jesse Diner
Florida Bar Governors

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Thompson:

Thank you for your most recent correspondence. You will be pleased to learn that we are safely keeping this most recent complaint with your others. Should you need further access to your files, please inform the staff to look in the circular file located behind the receptionist who opens the mail.


The Florida Bar
(IP Address withheld)

Anonymous said...

this wacko jacko just does not quit. he needs a hobby.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...Rothstein "gifts" items to Kimmie in light of looming judgment...oops, no good. 726.08; see also Ellis Sarasota Bank & Trust Co. v. Nevins, 409 So.2d 178 (Fla. 2d DCA 1982)

Godwhacker said...


Anonymous said...

Thread hijacking alert!

Anonymous said...

@2:17-- his hobby is hijacking threads.

Anonymous said...

Hobby successful.

Anonymous said...

was Kim's Boob job done with Pre-Ponzi assets ???

Anonymous said...

I would seek return of the witch's chin in any marital dissolution.

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