Monday, April 12, 2010

I Have Nothing Negative To Say About Elliot Miller.

I merely am referencing this story about Miami Beach attorney Elliot Miller and his lawsuit over a negative Ebay comment:

Just when you think that set of flamingo-themed flatware is a questionable enough buy on eBay, your business might be even more risky: the seller could be a Miami lawyer.

Mike Steadman paid $44 for a "working" time clock for his small Cape Canaveral welding business in November 2008, but it didn't work -- and now he's out $7,000 for legal fees and still facing a $15,000 defamation lawsuit from seller Elliot Miller, an attorney living in a $3 million dollar waterfront home on Miami Beach, WFTV reported.

Perhaps he should have purchased a stone and a slingshot.

"I made the mistake of leaving my honest opinion online," Steadman told Florida Today of checking "negative" in the feedback section eBay asks all buyers to complete at the end of a transaction. "The comments are there to let other buyers know who they're dealing with. [But] because I don't have the money to fight them, I'm losing. It's not right. I'm speechless."

Steadman says when he received the clock, it didn't run, stamp time cards, or work with the accompanying set of keys as advertised. "When I opened the box it was in 3 pieces [from three separate models] that didn't even fit."

Miller refused to grant a refund, so Steadman filed a complaint with PayPal's buyer protection plan and eventually got his $44 back. But the bad taste lingered.

"Bad seller," he wrote in an effort to warn other buyers about EMiller1313. "He has the ethics of a used car salesman."

Unfortunately for Steadman, Miller is juuuuust a tad uptight about feedback. He filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade court last February, claiming that the single comment lowered his perfect 100 percent positive feedback rate to just 98.6% -- thereby "seriously harming" his "commercial reputation."

Miller's attorney is Judith Frankel:
Miller's attorney, Judith Frankel, declined to comment."We have no comment on the case because it is a matter still pending," she said. "It'll be resolved in the courts."
Judith's practice appears to focus mostly on probate and estate matters.

BTW, the last thing I bought on Ebay were some old Bo Derek trading cards -- I'm sure I'm not alone on this? -- and needless to say I was 100% satisfied.


  1. I was 98.6% satisfied!

  2. Slow around here. Where is everbody?

  3. "He has the ethics of a used car salesman." Could only have been better if the above line read "Has the ethics of a Miami attorney."

  4. This poor guy was set-up. What is a millionaire attorney doing selling crap on Ebay?

  5. The judge should find for the defendant and award him the 3 million dollar home this crack pot attorney is living in.

    And why wasn't the suit filed where the buyer (defendant) lives? This attorney gets to write his own rules here?

    I feel sorry for this guys' family. To know that they are related to the guy that is now pictured next to the word "scum" in Websters Dictionary. Tough breaks.

  6. Are you KIDDING ME? Way to tie up the courts over frivoulous crap you douche nozzle!

    I hope they take your bar cert away.

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  15. Good for Elliot. Sick of eBay and their BS poilicy. Sellers get screwed every single day by buyers and cannot respond because of the new stupid feedback policy. Can't wait for eBay to go out business finally!!

  16. I was told about this by my neighbor Elliot Miller owns an apartment building, (which is VERY poorly upheld) which i live in, I heard about this and had to look it up to see if it was really true and i guess it was...

  17. I'm sorry to disagree with the majority here, but a wealthy attorney is the only one who has enough money to remove a negative feedback on ebay and fight back against lunatics who don't read.
    My sister has cancer. Her only income right now is buying and selling antique lamps.
    A seller began harrassing her immediately after delivery, saying the lamp was a reproduction, when it absolutely was not. When she offered a full refund and asked him to return the lamp, he said he "didn't know how to ship things" and she'd have to pay for a currier to come get it from him. She told him she'd call him back after her chemo appointment and he responded "I'm keeping the item I'm going to post negative feedback." He defamed my sister's reputation by saying the lamp was a reproduction when it was not.
    She googled his last name and discovered he owned multiple domains and owned a very large antique business in south Florida -so the "don't know how to ship" thing was a lie. He basically is in the same business as her and wanted to shut her down. There is no other motive for this irrational behavior.
    My sister cannot remove the feedback without a court order. negative feedback sends a ripple effect and all potential costumers thing twice before bidding.
    Thank you, Eliot Miller. Your money was earned by getting through law school, passing the bar, and working your butt off.
    Thank you, Eliot Miller. Your money was earned by getting through law school, passing the bar, and working your butt off. Guess what? Being wealthy does not mean you are not allowed to sue people who assault your character. Eliot MIller won one for my sister.

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  19. Elliot miller is a graduate of cornell 's hotel management school in Ithaca ny.While he was in the arm he tended the bar in the officers mess on Goveners Island, a job he probably got through his father who owned a restaurant called The Arena in Manhattan which I think was near Madison Square Garden.He lived with his parents in Brooklyn b/f this .He is bright but has serious problems in relating to people.The lawyer name Judy, just might be his wife.I have a feeling his 3 daughters do not like him, as he is greedy and selfish all stemming from a poor image of himself .