Friday, April 16, 2010

SFL Friday -- Love Is In The Air

So Willie Gary's son Kobe gets two and a half years.

Question --does this vindicate the seven-member "trial team" strategy?

How the hail should I know -- I do civil litigation, but hopefully David will weigh in.

Sheesh it's too darn nice outside, so I am out of here for some early afternoon windsurfing.

There are tons of civic/charitable things for you to do this weekend, and I've gotten emails from just about all of you on stair climbs, walks, runs, crawls you name it.

Pick one and do it, putzos -- or at least donate to someone who is.

Before I go please don't forget to be careful around your Wii, this is just plain weird, and Demi Moore is on a most excellent diet.

Oh yeah, one more thing -- happy birthday, Israel!

Have a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Just come out and declare SHUMIE TIME

Anonymous said...

SFL is in tip top shape with all his "windsurfing"

Fake Greenberg Gal said...

OMG I freakin love that picture

Anonymous said...

Shumie Is In The Air
Shumie is in the air everywhere I look around
Shumie is in the air every sight and every sound
And I don't know if I'm being foolish
I don't know if I'm being wise
But it's something that I must believe in
And it's there when I look in your eyes.
Shumie is in the air, in the whisper of the trees,
Shumie is in the air in the thunder of the sea,

Godwhacker said...

I'm pretty well versed in many disciplines, but I cannot for the life of me understand heterosexual men's fascination with lesbians.

Anonymous said...

Add SFLs' harem girls in the mix and turn on the theme to I Dream Of Jeannie....

Anonymous said...

Hey Godwhacker:

As Paul Reiser once said on an episode of "Mad About You" (you'll have to pardon the reference, because the quote is so good) when asked by his wife why men enjoy watching lesbian porn: "I agree with both of them."

Godwhacker said...

Good one 6:12!

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me an update on Jim "The Gunner" Gunderson, the solo civil lawyer who in circa 1990 upset the entire apple cart by trying four auto cases in five weeks, winning three with each verdict over a million dollars under the bad faith exception to the insurance limits?

The guy came out of no where, bashed out three million dollar wins, won two on appeal, settled the third after the verdict and then a year later shut down his one man practice.

Where did he go?

Anonymous said...

I remember the Gunner! Drove a VW Beatle Bus to court and dressed ion corduroy suits even in the middle of summer. Had an IQ of like 165, first in his class at UC Irvine Law, showed up one summer, clerked for the PDs as an upaid intern for several months and then opened shop in a little store front on the beach. Did lots of free work for local elderly clients and loved to bang insurance companies hard. Rarely settled and told clients that if they wanted to settle he would refer them out. Tried about two dozen cases in five years, had that amazing month and then bugged out a year later.

Biggest win was 25 mil in fed court against Pfizer on a drug interaction case and then paid him off to make him go away. He had four other clients lined up and had rejected all offers, but I heard they gave his clients in that case 30 mil and gave him ten mil on the condition he refer out his pending clients. He took that money and that's when he left. The auto cases were afterhoutghts that he needed to try to close down his practice.

He scared the crap out of Pfizer because he was smarter than all their lawyers combined. Judge Hoovler said he was the smartest lawyer he ever saw in terms of having a photographic memory of almost every case he read and he read all the new cases from most of the federal circuits every week. The guy was a fountain of law and couldn't be beat in court on a legal argument.

Anonymous said...

Gunner Update- The Gunner Gunderson, (but I thought his first name was Steve) went out to California in 1994 when he wrapped up all his business here. He bought a beach home in Big Sur, and hung out. In 1998 he met a playboy playmate at the Playboy mansion, I think she was from 1998. They married and settled down. He was running an indigent defense clinic in San Diego that he funded and a homeless shelter in Minnesota, where he was from. In 2000 some big Texas plaintiff firm lured him out of retirement and he tried a series of Ford rollover cases in Texas and Louisiana and won them all. Over 500 million in judgments.
Last I heard he was an original limited partner in Google which he invested in in the 1990's and had a large mansion in Seattle, along with the beach home in Big Sur and an estate outside of Paris which he travels to in a private jet. Still funds the clinic in San Diego and the shelter in Minnesota.

Buit I'm pretty sure his first name is Steve.

Anonymous said...

So much better for the weekend than John Kerry windsurfing!!

Shoot The Lawyers said...

Happy Birthday Israel? With all the suffering the Jewish people have experienced throughout history, and then having their country treated like an international outlaw because they stand up to terrorists, we get treated to:
a. a picture of Golda Meir? No.
b. a testament to the Jewish contribution to America? No.
c. something about the dangerously rising tide of anti-Semitism in the word? No.
d. a picture of two hot girls making out under the Israeli flag? YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The world may be going to hell fast but SFL knows what gets the average attorney's juices flowing in this town. Gotta love this website.

Anonymous said...

Those girls can SHALOM my ALECHEM

fake mendy said...

WOW. Yowza.

The Straw Buyer said...

12:27, I thought Gunderson was gay?