Friday, April 2, 2010

SFL Good Good Friday -- Releasing Your Inner Kraken

Ahh, the weather is too nice, no one seems to be around, and there's a perfectly good religious basis for not picking up the phone today (unless you are making these types of calls).

So I am off for some early windsurfing adventures (I decided to borrow a neat surfboard from Jesse James), but before I leave please remember to enjoy golf the natural way, please yourself the pharmaceutical way, and watch a little tennis this weekend.

Oh yeah, one last thing -- RELEASE THE KRAKEN!

Have a great weekend, folks!


Anonymous said...

A Hitler surfboard? For real???

Godwhacker said...

Alright, I know that Fox News is the bastion of lies, but this is worse than their reporting on health care reform.

Phone sex, as satisfying as real sex?

Really? You know, all these subjective judgement call exist without any common frame of reference. You only really know about your own sexual experiences. Their real sex must not be very good to begin with.

But phone sex cannot be as good as real sex. I mean there's nothing to bite.

Anonymous said...

Whacker, right as usual. Try real sex, it's a hoot!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

That guy is hot even if he's holding Medusa's head.

Anonymous said...

that phone sex article is 30 seconds i'll never get back. my quandry: where the hell is her editor? "Jenny: this is the stoopidest fuggin idea for an article . . . evah . . . . EVAH. Go back and write something about Obama's birth certificate and have it by 3pm deadline. Those birther articles write themselves"

Anonymous said...

anyone else think decapitated medusa looks a lot like an angry lucille ball?