Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Two Words: "Alan Becker" and "Podcast"

That's about all I got out of this DBR story regarding a former Becker & Poliakoff associate who is suing for his $2k in deferred compensation:
Valuntas, now an associate at Rosenbaum Mollengarden Janssen & Siracusa in West Palm Beach, said Becker notified the staff of the deferrals by a podcast, stating it was effective for all attorneys and department heads working for the firm before 2008.

“It is intended that this be temporary, and by that I mean that as soon as the cash flow situation improves so that we are back on a stabilized revenue stream, it is our intention not only to resume the salaries to the original authorized salaries for this year but to restore retroactively the deferred portion to anybody who is here with the firm at the time we make the decision to do so,” Becker stated in the podcast.
Salary deferrals announced via podcast?

Boy, it's heartwarming to see how advancements in technology can bring people closer together.

BTW, if you want more live-action Becker on your private computer screen, check out this video of him on his bio page, talking about what kind of "young lawyers" Alan wants at his firm.

Entrepreneurs indeed!

A few other fun tidbits from this article:
Becker said his firm repaid only “those who were loyal.”
There's also this:
Becker was formerly represented by the defunct Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler but now represents itself.

“I felt they were distracted,” he noted.
Gotta love this town!


Anonymous said...

He should have tweeted the salary reductions instead.

Zippy Zygote said...

SFL, long time no post, but I'm looking forward to your thoughts on the Quiroga opinion out of the 3d this a.m. Mr. Quiroga was able to successfully screw a team of "hurricane action" lawyers (my term) out of the contingent fee they earned on the basis that the insurance proceeds the lawyers obtained for Quiroga's hurricane-damaged house were exempt homestead property. Weep not for our hack colleagues, however; they have moved into the Chinese drywall litigation business, according to the URL of their website,

Zippy Zygote said...

BTW, in an astounding coincidence, the attorney handling the Quiroga appeal for the law firm was none other than Richard Valuntas.

Anonymous said...

Quiroga my ass

Shutts is for life

South Florida Lawyers said...

Thanks for the heads up Zip!

Anonymous said...

'those who were loyal'???

Anonymous said...

anybody know what's really going on in this case. I mean, fighting over $2,000? What is the hidden reason Becker hasn't paid up? Opening of floodgates on the "disloyals"? Calling bullshyte on "principle".

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to post the Becker podcast!

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