Sunday, May 23, 2010

Glenn Garvin Makes Crude Sexual Joke About Lawyers That Also Involves Killing Them!

I know lawyer jokes are pretty hip.

In fact, they're probably about as cutting-edge as cracking wise about airplane food.

That, plus the traffic in L.A.

Anyway, I was intrigued by Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal's column today on the Pulitzers, in which he notes the "depth, precision and good writing that is part of the newspaper tradition."


Godwhacker said...

Glenn Garvin, like all men who have a stomach that sticks out further than their penis, is a miserable person, desperately crying out for attention.

"If only I could be as offensive as Rush."

Anonymous said...

Garvin is such an asshole, drowning in self loathing.

Anonymous said...

A royal turd.

Bill said...

Not so much a sexual joke as it is a lynching joke! Jeez!