Thursday, May 20, 2010

Miami: It's All About The Fruit.

Is it Friday yet?

South Florida celebrity divorce attorney Raymond Rafool, who boasts clients such as Hulk Hogan's wife Linda, said Miami can be one seductive mistress.

The Miami scene -- the unique nightlife, culture and the scantily clad hotties -- can offer relationship-ending temptations that aren't as easily available in other parts of the country, he said.

"If you are from an area that doesn't have a nightlife, the beautiful people, the spending that's all around you and everything else, I think that's where you have the difference," said Rafool, senior attorney and managing member of Raymond J. Rafool, LLC. "When you're in a city like Miami, you have the opportunities that don't exist in other areas of the U.S."

He added, "It is sort of like in Miami there is much more fruit to pick than other areas."

I'm not sure The Hulkster's wife is technically a celebrity, but whatever.

Shorter Victor Diaz: Can you believe companies sometimes lie?

What else -- oh yeah, Broweird.

Got a hearing this morning, wish me luck!


fake SFL said...

"Excuse me your honor, I was mentally windsurfing."

Anonymous said...

10:16- Five bucks says we all know who he was "metally windsurfing" with.

Anonymous said...

you are killing me, Mrs Naugatuck (one of the best characters ever on television, EVER)---the Bill McCullom/Rekkers fiasco , Glenn Garvin and this Rafool dude (i think i heard a wittle birdy say he has a misdemeaor case himself ((talk about temptation)

I feel guilty getting this for free--
why dont you name a charity ???

Anonymous said... are in a bar, few drinks into the night, and you have a choice of any of the three to take home, who do you take:

(a) Peg Bundy
(b) Kelly Bundy
(c) Marcy D'Arcy
(d) Jamie Buchman
(e) Dharma Montgomery

Anonymous said...

Five, my bad - added to the Bundys

Anonymous said...

(a) - Peg. As long as she is gone by 11:00, strike that, 8:30.

Anonymous said...

Dharma all the way beeotches.

Anonymous said...

Always loved Dharma.

South Florida Lawyers said...

Come on, she'll always be Finkelstein to me.

Godwhacker said...

Anyone who was never at one of Paragon's bisexual after hours orgies knows nothing about "the temptations of Miami". But I didn't end a relationship in such an environment, I began one.

Anonymous said...

Victor Diaz and an article about fruit. Talk about your snark.

Anonymous said...

"Shorter Victor Diaz"....

Got it.