Monday, May 24, 2010

"Your Honor, I Object!"

Court: Ms. Lohan, do you recognize the severity of the charges?

LL: $h@t, I left the coke in the other bag!

Court: Ms Lohan, did you hear me? I am speaking to you.

LL: Sorry, I have to text my dealer.

Court: Your what?

LL: Do they serve Grey Goose in prison?

[long disoriented pause, lays head on table, awakens suddenly]

LL: Hey, look at me, I'm a lawyer!!


Anonymous said...

Calling the Shumie @3:24!

Godwhacker said...

I was forced to watch this by the horrible fact that the remote control was on a distant shelf. It was't that bad. Lohan must be busy now, wondering if Dolce&Gabbana make those shame anklets.

GB said...

I watched this live in an airport bar in some state , I'm not sure where, but my watch indicated it was super early. And I had 4 thoughts, in this order:

1. Yes, another bloody
2. Why do none of my clients show up for court with a plunging neckline showing off their hot unadulterated real cleavage
3. I hope sfl is watching this
4. She needs to borrow judge barzee flores' red lipstick
5. I wish I were in cannes with her
6. Yes, another double bloody

South Florida Lawyers said...

I thought Lohan's outfit was pretty demure, at least for her.

Darn I didn't know it was on!

Anonymous said...

What exactly occurred?

BTW- second the Shumie

Anonymous said...

Lower neckline = lower sentence.

Anonymous said...

"I thought her outfit was pretty demure."



The Constant Complainer said...

I get sick and tired of LL's father and mother fighting publically over their daughter. And I really get sick of her dad calling public press conferences as a way to communicate with her. Clearly she has problems. I'm glad the judge ordered the SCRAM bracelet. Hold her accountable - I think that's a more than fair request.

Duane said...

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