Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Road With Spencer Aronfeld

The NYT takes a look at the Spencer Aronfeld Gulf Oil Spill traveling road show, with video:

Some lawyers are taking a lower-budget approach. For the past month, Spencer Aronfeld, a Miami lawyer, has posted a half-dozen YouTube videos chronicling his travels through the gulf to view the oil’s devastation – and presumably to sign up a few clients.

In the first video in the series, shot in the New Orleans airport, Mr. Aronfeld describes a “very emotional experience” he had while flying over the oil spill from Miami.

“We’ve rented a car, we’re going to drive down the coast, we’re going to roll up our sleeves, take our briefcases out, and find out how we can help people who depend on this environment, and to hold those people responsible who have caused this horrible, horrible disaster,” he says. In another, viewable above, he visits a Vietnamese shrimper thwarted by the spill who is hoping for alternative employment.

I'm not sure what to make of these videos, though they are somewhat compelling and provide a snapshot of what some people are experiencing in dealing with this disaster.

I'm less sure of the purpose of Spencer's "morning huddle" at his law offices, though it looks like a perfectly fine place to work -- which of course is why I have posted that video above.

Hi Madeline!

BTW, get Mayra's name right next time ok Spence?

In other news, I have to "unplug" for a few days to actually focus on my day job, but you all are in good hands with trusty, lusty Guest Blogger, who has kindly agreed to man the ship for a few days.

I should be back some time next week.

Play nice, kids!


Anonymous said...

"unplug" = more time in the van. Lucky bastard.

Anonymous said...

ditto @ 7:19. Say hi to your Latin Princess, SFL.

Anonymous said...

We all know the what 'windsurfing' is. What is 'unplugging,' a 'windsurfing' move?

Anonymous said...


SFL has taken the chevy and his girls on a cross country road trip to every Flea Market/Swap Meet.

Anonymous said...

9:03- "windsurfing" in the front seat?

Anonymous said...

Will there be a "health" post on Friday?

Anonymous said...

I cant believe i wasted 3 minutes of my morning watching an office cuddle. That really happens every day? Eeeeek. But Madeline made it worth it. Maybe they can feature her in the next video, id also like a lot less hot air being blown toward the camera. it fogs up the lens. ty in advance.

Aronfeld Trial Lawyers, P.A. said...

Hey, I am honored you would include our huddle on your blog. Very nice. And yes, there will be more of gang this weekend as we are participating in a Habitat for Humanity project with Lawyers to the Rescue.

Lawyers to the Rescue is a not for profit foundation to help those in need. You do not have to be a lawyer to join it, so check it out at:

And I promise that we will have more Madeline in future videos too.

Thank you again,

Spencer Aronfeld

Anonymous said...

unplugged + 'windsurfing + latin princess + the chevy = sfl getting 'healthy.'

Lucky sob.

Anonymous said...

Unplugged- SFL is reading a selection of fine poems in the chevy...

"If the van is a rocking
don't come a-knocking..."

Lord Byron

South Florida Lawyers said...

Spencer, thanks for your comment and keep us updated on your efforts.

The rest of these comments -- oy.

Anonymous said...

One of my finest poems @12:01

Lord Byron

GB said...

Oh, there will be a Friday health post, you betcha.

I am hard at work on this afternoon's post.

Godwhacker said...

OK Kids, the sub is here!

Time to misbehave!!!

Anonymous said...

First SFL plugs, then he unplugs.

Anonymous said...

And the new post???????