Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hey, An Actual Interesting Judicial Panel!

My undying yet entirely professional devotion to Melanie Damian is well-known, and fortuitously the restraining order just happens to expire at the end of the month.

But there are other reasons why I have purchased all seats in the first three rows to this fabulous DBR event.

Let's see, Judges Gold, Jordan, Salter, Thornton, Huck, Walsh, and don't forget a certain Resplendently Robed One who seldom leaves the rarefied air of that bunker by the highway.....

In other words....this one actually looks good!

(BTW, I'll be wearing my hand-made, personally tie-dyed "3d DCA JUDGES ROCK!!" t-shirt)


Anonymous said...

too funny

Anonymous said...

Tie dyed shirt-- why stop there? Why not complete the look--

Leather fringe vest over tye dyed shirt

Stop shaving and grow facial hair - beard or mustache

Bell bottom and patched jeans

Last but not least-- go for Pocahontas style headband

fake Jeffrey Goldberg said...

Castro on the Jews

Anonymous said...

Does Melanie know about this blog?

Anonymous said...

What is Mr. Dresnick's affiliation with Columbia Law School?