Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Parsing the Shaquille O' Neal Hacking Lawsuit.

Have you looked at this facata lawsuit filed in Miami-Dade circuit court against Shaquille O'Neal?

I don't know "aggressive criminal defense lawyer" Menachem M. Mayberg, but he's got an uphill battle in front of him to establish a Florida RICO count based on those allegations.

Not surprisingly, Shaq's attorney Ben Reid thinks so too:
"The Complaint's rambling, unsupported allegations, through which Darling alleges that he possesses substantial knowledge that would harm the Defendant both in a separate and unrelated lawsuit, as well as in the public eye at large, render Darling's nefarious motive clear."
Ok oh bearded one, but that's a bit clunky.

Let's try again:
"Even if everything he was saying were true, we believe there is no basis in the law to bring the case," Reid told CNN Thursday. "But in this case, none of it's true."
Alright, that's a little better.

BTW, Is it just me or is nearly every lawsuit filed or threatened against a celebrity nowadays met with charges of extortion?


  1. That complaint is a turd. I think Menachem's over-under is his Fourth Amended Complaint.

  2. Mendy has The Gout.

  3. I've atoned on Mendy's behalf for that turdball.

  4. Mendy is a state court door law justice building hack (heck , he could be rumpole!)

    Waaaaay out of his league here.