Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We Recommend........Nothing.

2010 Civil Rules Report                                                              

That seems to be the net result of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure – a select group of hipster federal judges, various wonky academics, practitioners with time on their hands, and business groups  – which held a swanky conference last Spring to debate proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

There was much ado about electronic discovery, "metadata," anecdotal examples of discovery gone amok -- in other words, line up the usual suspects.

After all that effort, the committee has finally produced their interim report to Chief Justice Roberts.

Reading the report, I don't get any sense any big changes to the Rules are in the pipeline.  They seem to be taking a very neutral position, merely describing the bigger controversies without proposing any resolutions to them.

Perhaps that is a result of holding the conference at dreaded Duke.

Sheesh, how'd this blog get so procedural all of a sudden?


  1. You really are a wonk SFl.

  2. Face it, no one cares about Iqbal.