Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fort Lauderdale Attorney Jim Lewis Wants to Make Us (Legal) Potheads!

Well maybe I'm not reading that quite right, but my eyes are a little puffy at the moment and I've still got some residuals from last night's Dylan concert:
Relatively unknown as a candidate in the race to become Florida’s next Attorney General, Fort Lauderdale attorney Jim Lewis has announced he’s calling for Florida to take a step beyond simply decriminalizing marijuana for medical use, saying in press release Tuesday that he will seek the legalization of marijuana (in what is widely considered to be the state that ranks number one for highly potent, indoor-grown pot) should he be elected.
Jim even has some "science" and stuff to support his wacky views:
He added that studies have shown marijuana isn’t physically addictive and there are no documented cases of people dying from marijuana abuse. “I think some of the people using drugs like Oxycontin are using them because marijuana is illegal, and I think we’d be saving some lives,” he said.
A report by the Florida Medical Examiners Commission in July found that 5 percent of all deaths in 2009 were attributable to prescription drug use, far outnumbering those caused by illegal substances, and that Oxycodone, the generic version of the Purdue Pharma brand name prescription pain-killer OxyContin, was the cause of 1,185 state deaths in 2009, a 26-percent increase from the year before and a whopping 249-percent increase from 2005.
What say you, dashing Dan Gelber or "law and order" Pam Bondi?

Guess we can ask them both at the DCBA luncheon tomorrow (btw, what happened to Jim's invite?)


Godwhacker said...

You mean it's still illegal? But what about this mail order catalog, and the Fed Ex delivery? I'm going for the Blueberry Thai myself!

Anonymous said...

Dylan is god!

Anonymous said...

That people go to jail for the plants they grow shows that your "profession" is nothing more than the instrument by which the oppressive state exercises control over the subjects.

Lawyers need to ride tumbrels.

"A Las Barricadas"

Anonymous said...

Republican pot smokers need to take heed about candidate Jim Lewis. Jim Lewis is a Reublican candidate through and through. His credentials are Repulican, he will be a Republican attorney general.

The Republican candidate for attorney general Pam Bondi is a hypocrite. She prosecuted possession of marijuana cases while her first husband was a known smoker. The hypocracy of her is disgusting.

Republican Pam Bondi is stoned if she thinks we don't see the hypocracy.

Vote for Jim Lewis, vote for a real Republican.

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