Monday, November 1, 2010

GT Opens "Law Office of the Future"!

You gotta love this press release:
Greenberg Traurig's Miami office has much more than a new address at 333 Avenue of the Americas at the core of Downtown Miami. The new location is positioned to be what has been called, the “law office of the future."
By whom?

Anyways, as proof there's this:
The interior design of the space allows for 24/7 wireless mobility and connectivity with clients without rigid boundaries.

I believe that high tech thingy they are talking about is called a "router."

I kid I kid -- congrats on the new digs!


Anonymous said...

free wifi just like starbucks!

Shoot The Lawyers said...

Gotta love the phrase "without rigid boundaries." What is that supposed to mean? If you are an opposing lawyer or adversarial party waiting to be deposed, you can sit in the lobby and securely book an appointment at a local massage parlor without worrying that GT's tech team won't be looking over your virtual shoulder and forwarding your kinky requests to the Mrs?

South Florida Lawyers said...

Excellent point.

Personally, I'm a fan of "rigid boundaries."

Anonymous said...

Um my law office of the future would not require me to come off a 95 exit ramp as the only way to get to my parking garage. and those fuggers are land use lawyers? wtf?

Elwin said...

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