Monday, November 29, 2010

Luke Campbell Has a New Lawyer!

Happy Monday, plebes.

Canes, turkey etc. etc., welcome back to the real world.

In said real world, noted elusive butterfly and quality attorney Richard Brodsky has landed to defend the honor and dignity (and money) of Luther Campbell, filing a notice of appearance in the case brought by Aueishua Butler pending before Judge Cooke.

This is good news for Luke, who now has a steady hand and experienced federal litigator on his side.

My guess is Richard will not just answer the complaint, but bring a counterclaim, serve a huge bunch of financial discovery, schedule the plaintiff's depo and generally be all aggressive in moving this thing forward to a reasonable resolution.

But what the hail do I know?

BTW Richard, about that photo -- you look great, but either straighten that tie or roll up those sleeves!


Anonymous said...

Elusive butterfly too funny.

Anonymous said...

Awesome news to read on a Monday morning! Go get 'em, Richard.

Anonymous said...

Hope he got a big retainer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but who will be the new 'canes coach?

Anonymous said...

cbtslojdh, xrumer guest books , TWmbdgf.