Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Comes Early -- Administrative Order 2010-151 Has Arrived!

Santa Moreno just delivered an early holiday present -- Administrative Order 2010-151.

I know I know, it's hard to stay contained -- deep breaths, people.

Now don't get too excited, you don't want to break your new toy on the very first day, but here it is kiddies:  there is now total and complete cosmic harmony between Rule 56 and the local rules with regard to the summary judgment briefing schedule!

Rejoice rejoice (we have no choice)......


Anonymous said...

I don't understand the change??

Anonymous said...

There used to be an extended briefing schedule for motions for summary judgment -- 21 days to respond and 14 days to reply (don't forget the 3 mailing days to boot). Now, as with all motions (though be careful to check your local judge's scheduling order regarding discovery motions), there's 14 days to respond and 7 to reply (plus the 3 mailing days).