Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gabriel Jose Carrera Really Identifies With Sarah Palin. No, Really.

Bob Norman checks in with Fort Lauderdale immigration attorney and local Tea Party leader Gabriel Jose Carrera, who likes that Mama Grizzly Sarah Palin just a teensy teensy bit -- ok, a whole lot:
Carrera is a big fan of right-wing pundits and radio talkers, with his favorites being Glenn Beck, Michael Savage, and Rush Limbaugh, in that order. He's also a friend and believer in Joyce Kaufman. He was of course there for Kaufman's speech (grilling the dogs) during which she proposed bullets as a political remedy. And Carrera said he had a visceral reaction to those words. "I was like, 'Hell yeah!'" he told me. "Is Gabriel Carrera going to run down the street and start shooting any government official? No. I think that statement is more symbolic. It says we can change our government."

He said those words prior to the Giffords shooting and he says nothing has changed about the way he feels since.

Carrera is also, not surprisingly, an ardent supporter of Sarah Palin. "When you make fun of Sarah Palin you are making fun of me," he said. "When you are hitting her, you're hitting me." 

I don't want to "hit" Sarah Palin (I hope no one does).

But when Sarah hurts, Gabe feels her pain?

In fact, according to Bob, this guy has A LOT going on:
He has a tattoo of Confederate flag on his body (he won't say where) but says he didn't put it there in honor of the pro-slavery Confederacy but because he identifies himself as a rebel.
He likes John Lennon but says he is John's ideological opposite.

He is a first-generation Cuban immigrant who makes a living representing illegal immigrants in court yet is "stringently anti-immigration" (do his clients know this?).

He is fervently opposed to health care reform yet he and his wife can't afford any insurance and their kids are on the state health care insurance dole.

And from the video he seems like a perfectly nice man.....

To paraphrase Emerson, consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds.

Enough already, I want to interview this guy!


GB said...

Thank goodness, or Jesus Christ, that I didn't write this post or you may have had to take down the blog.

My real question is, if someone, not me, punched Gabo in his bulbous nose, would Palin feel his pain?

Who am I kidding. If a bear shits in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does Palin still shoot the bear and vote to deport the Cuban?

Anonymous said...

Good grief Charlie Brown.

Godwhacker said...

Meanwhile John thinks this guy is a uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocritic. Really.

Anonymous said... immigration attorney. really? my goodness.

Shocked and Awed said...

You'll never believe this SFL, but Gabby supposedly ran a divisive gay-bashing campaign when he ran for office in Connecticut!

Anonymous said...

Typical welfare cheat.

idssinfo said...

This won't succeed as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I consider.

Anonymous said...

This website and blog is joke,get a life people go to work. Is this what others do to bash each other or just certain political view. Stop Bashing and get a real job! Great thing about this country is we all have a point of view,at least for now, Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I was unfortunate enough that I had worked with this guy. All the other lawyers and judges think he is a joke. His wife works at the front desk at his office. They all look like thy just got off the boat from Cuba. If you look at his online reviews you will see how little support he gets here in south Florida. He needs to move to Alaska and take his family with him.

Anonymous said...

When Sarah Palin is on her period, Gabe bleeds.

tom cooper said...

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