Friday, May 13, 2011

SFL Friday -- I Like Exactly HALF This Picture!

Dang does Frank dress up nice!

I'm so pissed at Blogger for eating my posts and making me have to focus today almost exclusively on (1) my cases; and (2) deciphering the contents of Osama's porn stash.

Nearly as interesting as what's hawt right now in Abbottabad is this genuinely amusing defamation suit filed against the Internet.

Even better, our local intertubular representative in this epic legal fiasco is none other than bashful Brian Tannebaum.

Given the heavy hitters comprising the "Rakofsky 74" I am quite certain they will be ably represented, either by themselves or by that fabulous Coral Gables restaurateur Marc Randazzao.

This is the legal equivalent of Charlie Sheen -- someone needs to stop the train before it runs off the cliff.

(Let's see when -- or if -- Blogger posts this.)


Anonymous said...

Melanie looks totally hot

Anonymous said...

I smell sanctions.

Anonymous said...

SFL has windsurfing on his mind!

Anonymous said...


Shumie out.

Shoot The Lawyers said...

Every once in a while I need to be reminded why I read this blog first thing every morning. A blonde with nice cleavage always gets the juices flowing for the weekend.

Anonymous said...


i have never seenyou in this, er, light

i am a convert

i am also a pervert, but thats another story

can we have coffee?

Lewis said...

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