Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Scott Rothstein "Dirty Dozen" To Be Charged?

Looks as if at least a dozen alleged co-conspirators of Scott Rothstein are due to be charged in the next few months:
Federal prosecutors say multiple new defendants will be swept up in the wide-ranging investigation into Scott Rothstein's Ponzi scheme.
Their timeline for bringing the new suspects before a federal judge: Six months.
Lawyers close to the Rothstein case have speculated that a dozen to two dozen people could ultimately face criminal charges. 
Two dozen?

That's a lot of lawyers people.

Wonder who's on or off the list?


Anonymous said...

God I love that "OUR house" ad. Those second-rate lawyers in their douchebag poses. What fun it is to soak it all in now.

Holly said...

Ocean's 13?

Anonymous said...

Are Berger Singerman attorneys on that 'list'?? Seems strange that Rothstein used Gibraltar Bank for money laundering and Paul Singerman and others have still undisclosed private ownership shares of Gibraltar and represented the bank on still undisclosed matters. A very strange apparent conflict situation there.

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