Monday, August 15, 2011

UM Law Grad Challenges Girlfriend to Naked Sword Fight?

Meet Rockledge, Florida attorney Terry Lee Locy, a UM Law grad with a self-proclaimed "intensely aggressive" style of litigation:
Terry L. Locy possesses an energetic, articulate, innovative, but most importantly, an intensely aggressive style of litigation that often leaves his opponents fuming and courtroom onlookers entertained and wanting more. In just three short years after graduation from law school, this attorney has built a thriving law practice in Central Florida with ambitions for further expansion. 
Terry is energetic alright, just ask his girlfriend:
A graduate of the University of Miami law school was arrested this week in Cocoa Beach after allegedly threatening to kill his girlfriend in a naked sword duel.

"You're going to need this," a nude Terry Lee Locy, 36, said to his live-in girlfriend as he handed her a sword, according to an arrest report from the Brevard County Sheriff's Office.

The couple had been arguing about Locy's alleged excessive drinking early Wednesday morning, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by Florida Today, when Locy took a mirror off a wall and raised it as if to strike his girlfriend.

The woman took the mirror hook from the wall and flung it at Locy, accord to the police report, causing a cut to his head.

Locy then took a shower and emerged naked to challenge his girlfriend to a duel, police say.

 See, this is an example of where Roy Black's suggestion for improving UM's legal education comes in -- if they would just spend less time on esoteric academic flights of fancy, and more time on courtroom skills and sword duels, we'd be producing not only more skilled attorneys but also better sword duelists.

BTW, I think the pre-duel shower ritual is a nice touch -- say what you want about Terry, but this is clearly a man who cares about personal hygiene.


Anonymous said...

Drunk on a Tuesday what a douche.

Anonymous said...

doesn't look so cocky in the mugshot:

Godwhacker said...

What's the big deal. My husband and I have naked sword fights all the time, daily if possible.

Oh, the swords were made of metal... not cool!

Swlip said...

I like the moustache and goatee. Very Errol Flynn-esque.

Anonymous said...

Must have had Stozky for Elements

Above the Law said...

You made the big time again!

Anonymous said...

By the way, the girlfriend won that argument about "excessive drinking."

New York Birthday said...

Wow. Who said lawyers talk too much? A sword fight is clearly the way to go after three years of quality legal education learning to resolve disputes.

Chef said...
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