Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Judge Seitz Sends Greetings and Salutations!

And invites a local attorney to federal court!

You know, for civil litigators it's somewhat rare to have actual hearings with our federal judges, so I'm sure this will be quite a treat.

Wait a second:
The Court considers the arguments advanced in the emergency motion to raise serious issues.  Walker has accused this Court of trampling Howard's constitutional rights and abusing its discretion in entering the turnover Order. The factual underpinnings for these accusations are that Howard and Perry had insufficient time to prepare for the August 23, 2011, hearing. To avoid running afoul of Rule 11, Walker should have investigated these factual circumstances before relying on them to accuse the Court of a constitutional affront. Because it appears to the Court that no such investigation occurred, it is


(1) James Howard and Sutton Capital, LLC's Emergency Motion to Stay the Order Granting Receiver's Motion Requiring Turnover and Disgorgement of Investor Funds [DE-64] is DENIED.

(2) Horecia I. Walker shall SHOW CAUSE in writing no later than September 9, 2011, and explain (1) the reasonable inquiry he performed before representing to this Court that James Howard and Mark C. Perry did not have time to prepare for the August23,2011, hearing; and (2) the results of that inquiry.
 Hmm, maybe this is not so good after all?


Anonymous said...

who does poor mr. walker hire to represent him at show cause hearing? klock? podhurst? or jack thompson so he can whip out some scripture?

Anonymous said...

ugh...this is not going to be pretty. I advise begging for forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

hell hath no fury like a judge accused of a constitutional violation

Anonymous said...

wait a minute . . . walker has to provide the court with his reasonable inquiry into knowing why he and his associate were not prepared for a hearing?

i'd knock that ish out the park.

"judge the reason i know that me and my associate were not prepared for your hearing is that we're lollygaggers and we're never prepared for any hearing. is it time for lunch?"

Anonymous said...

Bring a toothbrush

Anonymous said...

Power trip much?

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