Monday, September 19, 2011

SEC Loses Summary Judgment Motion Against Pro Se Defendant?

How does the SEC lose an sj motion against a pro se defendant?

It's like shooting fraudulent fish in a barrel!

Actually it's not, as Judge Marra explains:
I'm sorry I'd like to quote from the opinion but I see it makes repeated reference to the "risk-enhancing" features of an "Inverse Floater" -- which apparently is a defined term(!).

Ahh, thanks but no thanks.

(No wonder this guy had to proceed pro se.)


Anonymous said...

Given the Court's liberal attitude towards pro se litigants, I suspect that most half way intelligent people would be better off litigating as pro se over hiring a lawyer.

Anonymous said...

I just left an inverse floater at Loggias.

Anonymous said...


who are the impotent SEC lawyers on the case?

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