Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Attention Toe-Tappers: I Bring You News!

As Magistrate Judge Brown continues to weigh the evidence and come to a ruling in the epic broken yacht saga, pro se plaintiff Peter Halmos seeks to be (re)heard over a long-simmering document sanctions issue.

Here are some choice snippets from his reply:
Plaintiffs have been sanctioned and, among others, denied their rights to fully and fĂ irly present their case due to their alleged inability to rebut ACE et al's Fed R Civ. P 60(b)(3) prevarications.2
 And here's footnote 2:
About 50% of the 1,400 docket entries in this case relate to ACE et al.'s Rule 60(b)(3) planned and carefully executed schemes "directed at the judicial machinery itself . . . where the impartial function of the court have been directly corrupted.'' (Id. 4) See Motion for Relief, pp. 17-19.
The "impartial function of the court have been directly corrupted"?

Oh boy -- you better be careful before whom you file something like that.


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