Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

Does anyone else read this and think 1992:
Any attorneys who need to bring in a laptop, cell phone, or electronic equipment of any kind should email Catherine_Wade@flsd.uscourts.gov no later than one week prior to the hearing date. Please ensure the email contains the name of the attorney(s) and the type of electronic equipment they will be bringing into the Courthouse. If the US Marshals Service does not receive this information in advance of the hearing, the attorney(s) will not be permitted to enter the Courthouse with their equipment until the necessary clearance is obtained. [Attorneys who are members of The Florida Bar are permitted to bring electronic equipment into the Courthouse upon presentation of their Florida Bar card.] Please note, members of the public, including non-attorney parties, are not permitted to bring in electronic equipment of any kind absent a Court order.
Listen, I'm for judicial security as much as anyone.  But how does that rationale extend to attorneys with cell phones or tablets?

Why do attorneys from, say, New York need to email Catherine a week in advance in order to bring in their phone while local counsel in Fort Lauderdale can waltz in with her laptop?

Does this make sense?


@ddfischer said...

Maybe because the backgrounds of Florida lawyers have already been subject to the Florida Bar's rigorous screening processes whereas out-of-state lawyers' backgrounds have not, and for all the Court knows they could be foreign spies plotting the overthrow of the American government from their cell phones?

South Florida Lawyers said...

I can barely play Missile Defense on mine, but point taken.

Anonymous said...

It is called home court advantage.

swlip said...

We really just don't like New Yorkers.