Monday, February 6, 2012

"Beliefs" Are Not "Personal Knowledge."

Someone tell all the politicians and pundits who work off their "gut":
In reviewing summary-judgment affidavits and declarations, the Eleventh Circuit and other courts have held that similar statements of “belief” or “understanding” do not reflect personal knowledge and should be disregarded.
 They're also not relevant for the same reason:
Because Rosen has not shown any personal knowledge about whether the parties entered into an arbitration agreement, his statements about that subject are also irrelevant.
How refreshing!

In other news, a few tipsters advise of another big checking overdraft settlement.

If the "anticipated" becomes the reality -- congratulations!

Oh yeah, Super Bowl yada yada yada, commercials M&Ms yada yada yada (ok, it was a pretty good game and Madonna rocked the house).


  1. "It wasn't intended to be a factual statement"

    -Gotta love politicians and their spin on things.

    "Madonna rocked the house"


  2. Who said that? What a buffoon!

  3. You broke the Chase story, congratulations!