Friday, March 9, 2012

Bankruptcy Nerds: This Opinion Could Mean Something to Somebody!

I bless my lucky stars every day I don't have to think about bankruptcy court and the odd quirks of its jurisdictional reach, the appropriate scope of and standard for district court review, and what can and can't be heard there and why.

(We have geeks skilled bankruptcy specialists for that.)

That's why when I read this important opinion from Judge Marra (involving Judge Stettin, the Rothstein bankruptcy, and TD Bank), I promptly forgot all about it and went to lunch.

Then, as my food was digesting nicely, I felt a sudden rumble in my belly and remembered I forgot to write anything at all about it.

So take that sucker off my bucket list!


  1. Happy Friday, SFL!

  2. Geeks? Skilled? Try reading Berger Singerman's bills in the bankruptcy case. Can anyone understand them ... except the bottom line, of course?

    Judge Ray did it in 10 minutes!