Wednesday, December 5, 2012

3d DCA Watch -- Judge Cortinas Goes Full Carnes!

 Hi kids, can you feel the winter break taking hold in your practice yet?

The lawyers coming in later, leaving earlier, judges cancelling hearing, depositions being moved to 2013....let's just slide into the holidays, shall we?

Only two civil opinions of note this week, let's take a look:

FIGA v. Karelas:

Yes, it's nearly 2013 and Judge Schwartz is still entering orders like it's disco-era 1978!

Galleon Bay v. Bd. of Cty. Comm:

Whose writing style does this opening paragraph remind you of:
When apt-named Galleon1 first set out to develop its property, it could not have possibly imagined the tumultuous seas it would encounter in the decades that followed. While galleons have not been spotted on our shores since the Eighteenth Century, this is our Court’s seventh encounter with this case.
The Judge went full Carnes!


  1. Tropic Thunder- hilarious movie!

  2. The first opinion was 2-1, with Schwartz dissenting. But check out the language. In the dissent, Schwartz says of Echarte (the trial judge): "I think he was right." But in the new opinion, Echarte is simply "right." I have never seen Schwartz express doubt about his own ability to pass judgment on another lawyer or judge's correct interpretation of the law.

  3. It's pretty simple. Judge Schwartz was writing for himself as the dissenter in the first opinion, and for a unanimous court in the second opinion. He obviously believed he was right--and he was able to convince both of the other Judges.


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  5. Well, then happy holidays to all! Btw, Tropic Thunder is a so-so movie for my opinion.