Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My House!

[1984] Mary Jane Girls - In My House from Nemesis on Vimeo.

Hi y'all! I spoke with SFL via an enigma machine and I have bad news. His trip to the arctic has been extended. They're running low on supplies but I've arranged an emergency drop of JWB, Cohibas, and Tango music. It's good to know a Godwhacker. With luck he'll survive until next week's air lift.

In the meantime the lunatics are free to run the asylum. Much like congress, but with much less hairspray. Anyone got anything they want to talk about? I'm here for you, at least until the anesthetics take their course.


  1. When to the starbucks on miracle mile and ordered a spencer. The damn thing is chock loaded with caffeine. Buzz buzz buzz.

  2. Aaaah. Rick James' girls talking about a booty call. nice.

  3. You can tell the Barrista to make it "light" and they will use two shots of espresso instead of four. Makes a difference.

  4. Watch out for this shit. It's coconut water with espresso and extra caffeine. I haven't raced so fast since my black beauty dazs in the 80s.

  5. The Intrepid One goes behind the scenes at Becker & Poliakoff:


    Carry on!

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