Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Third DCA Watch - No Lollygagging Edition

This is a simple game.

Hope and Cunningham v. Citizens Property Insurance

You have to give notice.

Castro and Robles de Castro v. The Charter Club, Inc.

You have to perfect service.

Bleich and Elder v. Chicago Title Insurance

You have to follow unambiguous laws and regulations.

Winwood Nine, Inc. v. I.Y. Administrative Services, Corp.

Judge Butchko is reversed.

Well done. Call it a day, Your Honors.

N.B. Angel, we'll miss you and we welcome you back to the trenches and wish you well!


South Florida Lawyers said...

Nice job GB!

Anonymous said...

"sometimes you win. sometimes you lose. sometimes it rains."

RFB said...

Come to the Ft Meyers blog and make fun of Rumpole while he's out of town. Plus enter to win valuable cash prizes!!!!

Anonymous said...

I miss Rumpole and suspect that after all that smack he talked to Heat fans he fled town to one of his vacation homes to lay low.


Burien Plumbing said...

The best baseball movie ever made, and the truest to the way the game is really played. and funny. and sexy. just... the tops.