Friday, August 23, 2013

Are You Ready for Some Football? T.O. Sues Drew Rosenhaus.

T.O.'s attorney Curtis Carlson filed the lawsuit in Miami state court and seeks 6.5 million alleging breach of fiduciary duty, negligence and fraud. T.O. claims that Rosenhaus steered T.O. to disgraced financial adviser Jeff Rubin.

FINRA barred Rubin from the securities industry for screwing 30 NFL players out of 40 million dollars through investments in a bogus casino in Alabama. Read FINRA's press release here, although Uncle Luke is always a sexier read and has an article here.

Rosenhaus had 26 NFL clients in common with Rubin.

Rosenhaus's reaction to Rubin's demise?

Have a great weekend. If you have nothing to do, Blow Me. Step back in time and Kill Your Idol. Definitely get off your ass on Sunday and work out at "Spin and Splash" for a great cause spearheaded by the Sabrina Cohen Foundation. Read about it here.


  1. Curt is a good lawyer. Rosenhaus is going to get dinged. Hes probably still in the "this thing is bullshit" stage.

  2. My therapist strongly recommended I not use my laptop at home for a while why I tried to sort out that incident that resulted in me getting suspended at work for shouting at the partner when he asked me when I was getting out of Dodge. I think things are better and I have had a solid two weeks at work without incident (96 billable hours btw) so I am dipping my toe back into online stuff at home.

    Awoke at 7:58 today. Almost a record for sleeping late.