Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Uppity Gays & Blacks!

There was a comment in a recent post that "uppity gay is the new uppity black." But why choose when there is plenty of judgment to go around for everyone?

Take the heat Oprah is feeling over her allegations that racism played a role in her treatment in a shop. In the name of full disclosure the Opranator and I go way back, and while I won't debate the humility of someone with their own magazine who amazingly is featured on the cover of that magazine every month, the woman isn't one to make stuff up.

 Now this I wish I was making up:
A condo association in Florida has found a way to keep out those pesky homosexuals and people shacking up in sin. It only allows single people or those who are legally married as "husband and wife" to buy in the neighborhood. The kicker: it's completely legal under Florida law.
What kind of idiots are these people? Don't they know about the elevation of property values when the gays move in?


South Florida Lawyers said...

Yet they agreed to submit all roofing disputes to Sharia law. Odd bunch.

The Straw Buyer said...

Funny, I was called a "bitch ass nigger" last night at a City of South Miami commission meeting.

Anonymous said...

It is a brilliant move - the gays are so desperate to demonstrate how financially empowered they are, they are going to be lining up to pay top top dollar for units so they can turn around and sue.

Reverse phyc....brilliant move to make some sales.

The other folks that will be lining up are idiot rednecks who want to demonstrate how much they hate the gays that they will try to pay top top dollar to let everybody know what a great idea it is. Brilliant!

Godwhacker said...

I wont be lining up to move anywhere that is so "Honey Boo Boo meets Gator Boys".

Anonymous said...

You are the only poor gay in s fla.

Anonymous said...

Too funny, a bunch of left wing gays and right wing gayaphobes all living happily together...yards full of rainbow flags, pink flamingos, vespas and cameros on blocks. My kind of place!

Godwhacker said...


Time of the month?

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