Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obamacare is a Gorn Plot

Danger folks, the lizard people are here. No really.

In the days of my own blog I was once called the most rational conspiracy theorist on the internet. I guess that's because I'm "yes" on the JFK assassination and a big "no" on Area 51 aliens and the lizard people who run the Illuminati. As such, I sometimes think that people like Alex Jones here are actually pros who work for the conspirators.

Really, can anything discredit health care reform opposition like this?

I'd like to talk up the benefits of having a health care system that doesn't exclude the sick, but WTF. I'm not debating this fool in his Gorn mask. Captain Kirk made mincemeat out of this creature and I'd do the same.

But just because actual lizard people aren't running the show doesn't mean some of them aren't completely reptilian in their thinking. Anyone willing to crash the global economy to nullify health care reform is completely lacking mammalian compassion.

OK dude, put the mask back on. It fits you.


  1. Jesse Ventura's show "Conspiracy Theory" featured an episode about lizard people & David Icke. According to Icke, The Queen & George Bush among others are apart of the Reptilian Elite. It was a bizarre but good episode. In the end Jesse confronted David Icke and called him a scam artist.

  2. Godwhacker is the anchovy in this blog salad.

  3. @7:48
    Yes, Ventura is another one of those rational ones. We're everywhere!

    Works for me!