Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Nuclear Option!

The senate has employed the nuclear option! So of course this means Harry Reid has stripped down to his magic underwear and is contaminating the Republican side of the senate by spreading dirty bomb radioactive waste like pixy dust while listening to polka music on his Walkman.


I just wish they had done this years ago. Let's remember that the hodgepodge that is Obamacare is an awful compromise made because the senate needed 60 and not 51 votes to pass it. If not for the filibuster we could have gotten single payer, or at the very least a public option.

The filibuster is an arcane senate rule, meant to be employed in extreme circumstances, like when black people are being allowed into your whites only lunch counters

Some may be worried about what might happen should the Republicans regain the majority. I am not. If they win the senate let them have their votes. If they abuse their position their victory will be short lived. 

There is nothing in our constitution which demands a supermajority to pass laws, and certainly nothing that demands one for judicial nominees.


Anonymous said...

Senate Repubs blew themselves up today. They dared Reid to do it--he did it. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Way, way past time for this.

The Bum said...

I'm glad Reid did it it. But it scares the hell out of me if the Rethuglicans get the ball for even a few minutes. Maybe I am too old and vulnerable to to take a broad general view of these things. I wish the Senate Republicans had the decency to blow themselves up literally.

South Florida Lawyers said...

This was necessary. Good job GW!

Godwhacker said...

FYI, SFL Loves Polka!

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid in underwear, that ruined my day.

The Ballad of Will Thomas said...

Hi Ho Hi Ho
It's off to federal court I go
I'll order a PSI
I won't be shy
hi ho hi ho
hi hi hi hi

hi ho hi ho
It's federal court for me
I'll get paid for life
I'll have no strife
hi ho hi ho

hi hi hi
hi ho hi ho
I'll get a big chambers don' ya know
I can be a jerk
I get my own clerk
Hi ho hi ho

hi hi hi
hi ho hi ho
I'll order the Marshalls to and fro
My calendar comes fist
or you'll get my worst
hi ho hi ho
hi hi hi

hi ho hi ho
Maybe I can get to the 11th circuit don't cha know
atlanta's for me
there's no stopping me
hi ho hi ho
hi hi hi.....

Anonymous said...

Don't think that yesterday's vote changes the Blue Slip procedure, 7:25 p.m.