Thursday, January 30, 2014

3d DCA Watch -- More Hot Hot Hot Kinney Action!

Are you ready for some red-hot Kinney Systems action?

Bring it:
Our review of the complaint and record demonstrates that, based on the test set forth in Kinney, Florida is a more convenient forum to litigate the issues than Costa Rica. Based on our standard of review we cannot re-weigh the evidence and we conclude that the trial court did not abuse its discretion by denying the defendants’ motion to dismiss on forum non conveniens grounds.
Plus they praised Judge Thornton for his "exceeeeeedingly thorough" analysis:
The trial court judge was exceedingly thorough in his analysis of both jurisdiction and inconvenient forum as applied to the Costa Rican attorneys and the F&C law firm.
Take a victory lap, Judge (don't forget the Limited Edition Bunker Gold Star™)!

And speaking of thorough analysis, check out this landmark opinion affirming a disputed fee arrangement involving Jeremy Alters:


Our work here is done (we're not the only ones).


Anonymous said...

Thornton is the best.

Anonymous said...

thornton is not long for complex. once the quotas are filled he's going federal.

Anonymous said...

Um, that failed twice . And he's getting long in the tooth. That ship sailed.

Anonymous said...

Is Kinney replacing Venetian Salami as your new favorite?!

South Florida Lawyers said...

You know how I love "long arm."

Anonymous said...

The third loves Thornton . If you lost in complex you don't have a prayer on appeal.

Anonymous said...

@1:20 pm - correction:

He missed it three times...