Wednesday, June 25, 2014

3d DCA Watch -- The Great Gig in the Bunker!

 Aahhh, summertime in the bunker, and the livin' is easy.

Only two opinions, neither dealing with any civil matters, and several "citation opinions" like this one:
Before SHEPHERD, C.J., and WELLS and SALTER, JJ.


Affirmed. N. Carillon, LLC v. CRC 603, LLC, 135 So. 3d 274 (2014).
Question -- in what sense is that an "opinion"?

Then you have a slew of PCAs like this one:
Before SHEPHERD, C.J., and SUAREZ and LAGOA, JJ.


Nice work if you can get it!

(Applications accepted here.)


Anonymous said...

What is that clip from?

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for making a yummy chicken salad from pure chicken shit.

Anonymous said...


Shoot The Lawyers said...

It is an opinion in a very subtle way: "Hey Appellant. We would have PCA'd this straight up but the reason we are not giving it the time of day is because of this case. If you read it to begin with you probably never would have filed the appeal. Next time, don't waste our time."

Godwhacker said...

I'm genreally not a fan of Floyd covers but this is pretty darn good!