Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3d DCA Watch -- This Actually (Did Not) Happen!

Here's an actual exchange between an unnamed bunkerite and a loyal law clerk:
Judge:  Where is everybody?  The bus for Schnedbly's leaves in two minutes!  We can't be late!

Clerk:  Your Most Honorable, Resplendently Robed One Who Speaketh in Gravest Tones, they are busy writing important opinions on sophisticated and complex legal matters so that lawyers and the public can learn and be guided by your wisdom.

Judge:  Pshaw!  Hand me my Royal iPad!

(types furiously)

"Affirmed.  See random case."

(hits copy and presses cursor repeatedly)

Now get on the bus -- btw, who's got the nachos??


Anonymous said...

Thank you again for turning the Third DCA's chickenshit into a delicious chicken salad.

Anonymous said...

Ditto!! Masterful

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@11:56-- OMG, I can't stop giggling at your comment.

Too funny!!

PS: Great song!!

Anonymous said...

On the money.

Godwhacker said...


Anonymous said...

If you read this post and then read the 3 DCA weekly release, it makes this post less satirical.

And more brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Kudos SFL, agree with 11:56 and 9:05.