Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Almost Time for the Festival of I'm-Not-Wearing-Glasses-In-This-Video!

Spence is having a contest:

To nominate your candidate email Spencer Aronfeld at:

(Boy I hope this doesn't turn out like that Cosby meme.)

Hmm, whom should we nominate?


Anonymous said...

I know you like him SFL but enough already!

Godwhacker said...

The zeitgeist of all humanity flows forth from Spencer. We cannot help but to be in awe.

Anonymous said...

What an unmitigated asshole.

Anonymous said...

Is Aronfeld jewish? Would have never guessed that!

At least this is unique. I don't see a lot of Lawyers working with the community and actually getting things done.

Goofy guy, but great idea.

Anonymous said...

I nominate Spencer!

Anonymous said...

Spencer Aronfeld is a Jewish lawyer? Who would have guessed?