Thursday, March 12, 2015

What is a Day Without Spencer Aronfeld?

A day of unimaginable horror, I say.

But luckily we can rise and face the challenges of the day knowing that Spencer will be right there with us, in this case playing with toys:


Melissa Ramirez said...

Oh it would be like a day without sunshine. Oh Spencer!

Anonymous said...

spencer teaching the commutative property of algebra using a plane for a boat.
-(Boeing) = Carnival Cruise Line Ship

Spencer"s World said...

Sulu: Captain, we've got some waves coming in.

Captain Spencer Aronfeld: Extend the stabilizers.
Chekov: Stabilizers not responding.

Capt SA (into communicator) Mr. Scott get me stabilizers

Scotty (from engineering) I'm working on it Capt.

Capt SA: Spock give me an estimate

Mr. Spock: The gravitational waves will be here in two minutes twenty one and 3/4 seconds Captain.

Capt SA: Mr. Scott we need those stabilizers.

Scotty: I'm giving it all I've got captain, they're stuck.

Capt SA: Bring her about Sulu and head into the waves full speed.
Sulu : Aye aye
Spock: Fascinating
Dr. McCoy: Damnit Spencer you're going to get us all killed.
Capt SA: Settle down bones. When I was a lad running skiffs out of government cut in Miami, we always knew to point the bow of the boat into the waves
Spock: fascinating
Capt SA: Then one day a cruise ship came by and ran my little skiff over and broke it in two. We sued and that's how I paid for my tuition to star fleet academy.
scotty: stabilizers responding now.
Capt SA: Never ming scotty. Come here Uhura and sit on my lap as we ride the waves.
Spock: fascinating

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Spencer Aronfeld... now with wings!