Friday, July 24, 2015

Magistrate Judge Goodman Goes Deep(ish)!

My eyes boggled -- is this a deep cut from our favorite loquacious pop-culture-citing Magistrate Judge (and in our favorite over-litigated case)?
“Why are we keeping secrets / Why don’t we both come clean and begin”
‐ Christine McVie, from the “Keeping Secrets” song1

As footnote one states, "[f]rom the 'Christine McVie' (Warner Bros., 1984) album, the second solo effort by the Fleetwood Mac vocalist and keyboardist."

So much better in the form of citation too -- just enough extraneous detail as to be informative and interesting!

Interesting order too -- what a surprise -- a party has over-designated tons of docs as "highly confidential" when there was in fact little basis for the designation.

Secrets, eh?

I love Christy, and respect the song choice -- here are few others on that theme off the top of my head:

Carly Simon, "We Have No Secrets":

 The Cure, "Secrets":

And of course:

The Beatles, "Do You Want to Know a Secret":

 This is fun -- please join in!

Happy Friday Plebes!!

Update:  Happy 79th Birthday Ruth Buzzi


Godwhacker said...

My baby's got a secret! A really really big one!

Cocaine Princess said...

GW-- You took mine!! (Good choice)

I'm going to Euro music for "Secrets"

Happy Friday, SFL & GW.

Godwhacker said...

This one is a special dedication just for you Princess!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Cocaine Princess said...

GW- you get an extra special Mwaaaah!