Friday, July 17, 2015

Super Kluger Friday!

The online DBR has this cool Kluger pic accompanying the story about a Miami law firm suing its former client for terminating a bulk legal services contract for PIP defense:
Miami-based Herssein Law Group is suing the United Services Automobile Association, alleging that its breach of contract forced the law firm to close its Tampa office, shrink in Miami and fire 15 employees.
USAA, a financial services company, terminated its contract with Herssein last month despite a clause specifying that only Herssein could end the agreement, according to the lawsuit filed Monday in Miami-Dade Circuit Court.
The suit also alleges that USAA did not live up to its contractual obligation to give Herssein half of its personal injury protection insurance legal work in Florida. The law firm seeks $5 million in unpaid fees for work already performed.
Could the contract really be that clear?

Oh hail let's make this Alan Friday:

Really love the last one on his boat (it's nice to enjoy yourself and find some quality relaxation time).

Happy Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Dont ever refer a case to Kluger or the law firm. They will screw you out of the referral fee that was promised.Bet on it. Avoid this little person at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Dear 5 pm,

Your comment conjures Amy, angry, with a strap on.

Oh come on .

You're all thinking it . I'm just saying it .

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a violation of the florida bar rules to have a contract with a client that only allows the lawyer to terminate it?

Anonymous said...


Where is GW when you need him...