Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Used Cars With Spencer Aronfeld!

How great is that old movie Used Cars, an early Robert Zemeckis film that still holds up pretty well.

Compare this:

To this:

Happy Tuesday, plebes!


Anonymous said...

SA only handles car cases if they also involve a cruise ship.

Anonymous said...

Classic SA two camera you tube shoot.

Spencer's World said...

Hi, I'm Spencer Aronfeld, a noted Florida personal injury lawyer and poltergeist investigator. If you are involved in a super-natural event, we have five simple rules:

1) Never try and take a selfie with a ghost. Ghosts hate selfies.
2) Garlic and Silver Bullets are for amateurs. To protect yourself from super-natural spirits, please consult my new, soon to be best seller- "Spencer and the Occult. What you don't know about ghosts and cruise ships could kill you."
3) Upon seeing a ghost, do not call 911. Two words: Marchman Act.
4) It is permissible, under certain circumstances, to cross the streams.

5) When you see a ghost, who ya gonna call? ....Spencer A!!!

Please check out my next series of You-Tube videos, including "Choking on Grapes, when produce kills"; "Ice skating injuries in Florida- hiring an expert helps"; "Cruise to lose..your life"; "Planes, train, and automobiles and cruise ships, the Spencer Aronfeld story"; "Say it ain't so Joe- who to sue if you think baseball is rigged"; and finally, "The Contest- why Spencer A is master of his own domain in his law firm."

Thank you.

Anonymous said...