Monday, March 14, 2016

Spencer on the Ill-Fated Titanic II -- But Who Will Play Leo?

Could it be a randy video-friendly Coral Gables attorney with a rapscallion goat who refuses to look at the second camera on a two-camera shoot?

You decide:


Anonymous said...

And we wish you and your family a healthy and safe cruise ship voyage.....


Anonymous said...

Dude, straighten the tie before you record.

Cocaine Princess said...

Kinda cool I think!

Spencer's World said...

6:45 AM Law offices of you know who, in Coral Gables, Florida.

SA: Item eleven. Sadie Sakowitcz slip and fall Publix in Aventura.
Lawyer 1: Interrogatories sent. Offer currently 3,900.00.
SA: Injuries?
L1: Bruised butt.
SA: Get it above 5 then cut and run.
SA: Item twelve- Someone please tell me this is true- they're building a new Titanic?
L2: Longtime rumor out of Australia and China. No money in development.
SA: But is there something out there?
L3: A website that hasn't been updated since 2012
SA: Hmmm...OK get the you tube boys out here.
GLADYS! GLADYS Call my dry cleaners. I need the blue suit today please.
SA: Get me a script for pre-approval by noon. I have the summary judgement motion on the Sanchez food poisoning case against Pollo Tropical. I'll be done by 11.
I want make-up here. Get me a mock-up of the Titanic and maybe that clip of Leo on the front of the ship.
SA Alright, we're done. Let's huddle up.


SA: That's a wrap. Where's my soy mocha latte?? WHo has it? And that croissant from Au Chocolate.

Anonymous said...

S. World: tight work

Anonymous said...

Cool Bentley he's driving around South Beach. Go Spenny, Go!