Happy Halloween Friday

SFL Friday -- Responding to Annoying Letters Edition

For Hank Adorno Diehards Only

Hank Adorno Not One of The "Lucky Seven."

3d DCA Watch -- Clash of the Titans Edition

Jack Thompson: It's Official

In Honor of Judge Farina

Chief Judge Farina "Simply Tired Of All This Crap."

Early Vote, You Plebes!

Inexplicably, They Still Write Letters.....

Antonio Ginatta Is One Smart Attorney.

SFL Friday -- Stayin' Alive

They (Continue to) Write Letters, Part MDCLXVI

Michael Work Talks to Hindus, Thinks World Should Stop Laughing At Us.

Bye Bye Cefalo's

3d DCA Watch -- Special Chris Carver Commemorative Edition

It's No-Shave Movember!

Steel Cage Texas Glove Judicial Death Match?

Matthew Staver Wants to Protect Marriages By Outlawing Some of Them

Dimond Kaplan Puts World On Notice of Something.

Note to Cesar Alvarez: You Are Now Officially Bumming Me Out.

SFL Friday -- Clear Skies Ahead!

Posted Without Comment

Things Are Tough All Over

Middle District To Overworked Wage-and-Hour Lawyers: You Are On Double-Secret Probation

Just Because.

3d DCA Watch -- High Minded Retro Poetic Form Edition

Michael Kreitzer Wants Plaintiffs To Be Diligent.

Gunster Yoakley "Unhappy" Over Being Sued Again; Needs Some Alone Time.

Disgraced Sheriff Ken Jenne To Receive Happy Ending After All

Stormy Monday: It's All Jimmy Carter's Fault.

SFL Friday: Swinging Stocks, Crystal Balls and Trust Accounts

They Write Letters...

3d DCA Watch -- Somebody Did Something Good Edition

"America's Mayor" Michael Pizzi Declares Peace in Our Time!

Lawyers Are On All Sides Of The Mortgage Meltdown

Carvalho: Texting That You "Love And Miss" Mistress Is A Personal Attack