11th Circuit Has Not Yet Overturned Liberty 6 Convictions

So I checked the 11th Circuit website just to see if they have issued any orders yet overturning today's Liberty 6 convictions, but so far nothing.

But I did see this interesting opinion issued today regarding a man from Togo who was seeking withholding of removal and for relief under the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

Good thing 9th Circuit Judge Bybee was not sitting by designation because this crybaby barely got any "enhanced interrogation" and somehow the 11th still finds it to be torture:
He described his beating at the hands of the guards on the first day; he was
tied to a pole, raised two feet off of the ground and hit. After the beating, he was
“thrown in a hole where there were mice and rats” and nothing to eat or drink.
During his testimony, he described the same beating and then stated that he was
shoved in a “small cubicle.” He testified that he was not beaten on the second day.
That's it? Mice and rats ok, but no fake stinging insects? No carefully prescribed towel-wrapped smashes against a semi-flexible wall?

And this guy wasn't even waterboarded once, let alone 183 times like we do it here in America!

Togo, man, even their torture is third-rate.


  1. Superb snark, SFL.

  2. Does anyone know the basis for the one acquital?


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